Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma's Agritourism Association.  

The Oklahoma Agritourism Association (O.A.A.) is here to serve the
agritourism industry in Oklahoma, assisting agriculturally related tourism
destinatinations throughout the vast state of Oklahoma.  

The O.A.A. is a volunteer organization, overseen by an elected Board of
Directors, who also serve in a voluntary capacity.  

The O.A.A. is here to serve each of you: to enrich the lives of those who
tour agriculturally based facilities; to enhance business partnerships, for
the benefit of agritourism; to work cooperatively with the State
Department of Agritourism; and to be a "voice" for the needs of
agritourism in the state of Oklahoma.  If we can be of service to you in any
way, please contact us.  We look forward to growing the agritourism
industry together.
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Agritourism Legislation to limit liability to agritourism venues passes in the
Oklahoma State House and the Senate
To read the exact wording of the House Bill & Senate Act that
click here:
Agritourism Liability Act in Oklahoma HB 1638
Liability Signage - exact wording to post at agritourism venues, to
comply with HB 1638
As of Nov 1, 2013

Put sign up at the entrance to the farm & main building to reduce
agritourism liability

Agritourism Liability Signage